Sunday breast check 2018

A little bit late for this but…. a happy new year!!
We hope 2018 will be a great year for you.
Well,I would like to announce that we are going to implement “Sunday Breast Check”
in this year also.



I ask my patients various questions first, including ones about their bowel movements, at the proctology clinic. It is important for me to know about the shapes and the types of their stools. However, it is difficult for patients to explain the type to me, because they have no chance to compare their own stools with others. So, I draw the “Bristol Scale”. This is a diagnostic medical tool designed to classify stools into seven groups. It helps my patients to tell me about their bowel habits.


About Day Surgery

Day surgery: it sounds easy and convenient, like a drive-through, but actually, day surgery is still a surgical operation.

If you are interested in having day surgery at my clinic, I would like to provide you in advance with some information and guidelines regarding the process.

1. You need to have our nurse give you a blood test and a set of preoperative instructions at least a week before the day surgery.
➡ We need to confirm that the condition of your health is good enough to receive surgery without hospitalization. We also need to provide you with enough information and instructions for a safe operation.


Just an itch, but…

One of the most common symptoms we see in our proctology unit is anal itch .
The condition may be caused by hemorrhoids, fissures, or dermatitis.
Another possibility is Candida.


Our Top3 FAQ

Please kindly find our most frequently asked questions by our patients recently as below.
Q1: I made an appointment at Proctology but if I got a period on the day, should I re-arrange my appointment?
A: You don’t need to change your date of appointment due to the period. There is no problem for us to conduct an examination or consultation.
However, if you are not comfortable, then please change your appointment accordingly.


Anal cancer

Do you know about anal cancer?
It is fairly rare, much less than colorectal cancer.
Sometimes rectal bleeding is the first sign of anal cancer, but people who have anal cancer usually think they have hemorrhoids.
Other signs and symptoms of anal cancer are pain, lump, itching and unusual discharge from the anus.
It is difficult to know what kind of disease you have when you notice symptoms around anal opening, anal cancer, colorectal cancer, hemorrhoid, fissure or inflammatory disease.


Happy New Year!

We wish your diary 2017 will be filled up with delighted and enrich moments.


What shall I go in?

This is one of the freaquent questions.
Therefore, we would like to inform you what kind of clothes you had better to wear on the examination day.
This is only for Sapporo Female clinic, it can be different from other clinics.


True lump

Breast lumps are common symptom, and most lumps aren’t breast cancer.
Furthemore, even if you find a lump by yourself, it may not be a “true lump”.
The feel and texture of the breast is different one by one. And many women’s breasts feel lumpy.


Bowel habits

Bowel habits can vary from person to person,so I always ask our patients about their bowel movements (frequency, color, syape of stools, hard or soft or watery stools).
Sometimes they ask me “what is the ideal bowel habits by the way??”