Our Top3 FAQ


Please kindly find our most frequently asked questions by our patients recently as below.

Q1: I made an appointment at Proctology but if I got a period on the day, should I re-arrange my appointment?

A: You don’t need to change your date of appointment due to the period. There is no problem for us to conduct an examination or consultation.
However, if you are not comfortable, then please change your appointment accordingly.

Q2: Can I go to the clinic accompanied by children?

A: Yes, please feel free to bring your children with you.
We have some picture books and small toys for children and also there is a lavatory equipped with a diaper changing table and child seat.
However, we ask you to refrain from accompanying by male children over 10 years old when there are other patients inside of the clinic.
Our clinic is for female patients and escorts only in principle.

Q3: I have itchiness around anus. Which doctor should I go to see? A dermatologist or a proctologist??

A: Dermatologist is also available to see those symptoms. But there is a possibility the itchiness is related to hemorrhoids or stool abnormally. There for, we recommend to see a proctologist.

Itchiness by inflammation of nipple might be a symptom of breast cancer. So please go to see a breast surgeon ASAP.