About Day Surgery


Day surgery: it sounds easy and convenient, like a drive-through, but actually, day surgery is still a surgical operation.

If you are interested in having day surgery at my clinic, I would like to provide you in advance  with some information and guidelines regarding the process.


  1.   You need to have our nurse give you a blood test and a set of preoperative instructions at least a week before the day surgery.

➡ We need to confirm that the condition of your health is good enough to receive surgery without hospitalization. We also need to provide you with enough information and instructions for a safe operation.


  1.   Having a follow-up consultation on the day after surgery is essential.

➡ On that day, I will ask you about the level of pain you feel and if you are having any bleeding. I must also conduct a postoperative examination to determine further treatment in order to cure you completely .


  1.   You shouldn’t eat anything before your surgery.

➡ This is to prevent possible vomiting and asphyxia during the operation.


  1.   Don’t put on makeup before surgery.

➡ During the operation, we need to observe the color of your face and lips, which indicate your condition, especially if you develop a problem.


  1.   Remove your nail polish or artificial nails before coming to the clinic.

➡ During the operation, we need to monitor your blood oxygen level using a device placed on a fingertip. Nail polish and artificial nails may interfere with this device.


  1.   Also remove contact lenses, eyeglasses , necklaces, rings, and earrings before surgery.

➡ You will be asleep under full sedation during the surgery. Also, we use an electric tool during the operation, so in order to prevent electric shock or other injury, it is better to not wear metal objects on your body.


  1.   You should not drive a vehicle or ride a bicycle until the next morning after the surgery

➡ Even if you receive permission from the doctor to go home after the day surgery, it takes time for your body to completely recover from the sedation. For your safety, please use public transportation on the way home from the clinic.

We provide the above information to you in your preoperative instructions, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me or a nurse.


Akiko, Clinic Director