Just an itch, but…


One of the most common symptoms we see in our proctology unit is anal itch .

The condition may be caused by hemorrhoids, fissures, or dermatitis.

Another possibility is Candida.

The cause of dermatitis can be an eruption of the skin around the anus caused by frequent diarrhea or the use of sanitary products; it may start with skin blush and develop into a sore abrasion.

If you begin proper treatment around this stage, it does not take long to cure.

However, if the itch is allowed to become chronic dermatitis, the skin becomes harder and festers, so that the level of the itch is intense enough to wake you up at night.

Even if you see a proctologist at this point, it will take at least a few months to complete the treatment.

It might be embarrassing to see a proctologist because of anal itch, but note that this is a very common symptom in proctology.

We recommend that you be brave and see a doctor before a small itch becomes a prolonged and troublesome situation.

In addition, we would like to advise you not to wash the area affected by anal dermatitis with soap or to scrub the skin; doing so will just worsen the symptoms.


Chieko, Clinic Manager