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heartmark-B Breast care       heartmark-P Proctology

– Outpatient reservation system.

– Female patients and escorts only.

– All clinic staff are female including doctor.


[Consultation fee (Applied Japanese government health insurance)]

– For patients with symptoms: Self-pay (30% of the total cost)

– Please do not forget to bring your health insurance card. If you do, you need to cover 100% of your cost on the day of your visit. However, we can refund the over-paid cost on your next visit if you bring the card.


[Consultation fee (Private practice)]

– For patients without symptoms or health check-up purposes.

– For patients who have no Japanese government health insurance.


*Consumption tax is included in the prices below.

  • Doctor charge for both specialties : 10,000 Yen (return visit within 3 months: 5,000 Yen)
  • Medical certificate : 3,000 Yen


 heartmark-B Breast care


Cost example (including doctor charge):

  • Breast cancer screening / Full-course 15,000 Yen; mammography, consultation and echo. (same-day result)
  • Breast cancer screening / Mammography 13,000 Yen; mammography and consultation. (same-day result)
  • Breast cancer screening / Echo 12,000 Yen ; consultation and echo. (same-day result)





heartmark-P Proctology


Cost example (including doctor charge):

  • General consultation 10,000 Yen ; proctoscopy examination for anus and rectum included.
  • External medicine for 2 weeks 1,400 Yen~ 2,500 Yen
  • Aperient for 2 weeks 200 Yen~ 500 Yen

Examination fee (additional):

  • Endoscopic examination 5,000 Yen ; rectum and sigmoid (same-day result)



  • We accept several credit cards; VISA, Master, AMEX, Diners, Discover, JCB, DC, NICOS, MUFG, UFJ or cash.
  • It may take some time, but we are able to provide itemised invoice and receipt in English/translation without charge.
  • Private practice cost is also claimable as medical expense deduction for residents in Japan. Please ask for more detailed information to your neighbour tax office.


* We are equipped with a baby seat and facilities for changing diapers in a rest room, for visitors with infants.