Best posture for smooth bowel movement


Do you know the famous Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker”?

If you feel it is not smooth on defecation or have complained of constipation, I recommend to change your body posture ‘The Thinker’ position in the bathroom.

A very interesting study report was published about that ‘The Thinker’ position seems to be a more efficient method for defecation than the sitting position.

Believe or not, it is the ideal method for smooth bowel movement based on human engineering.

These points are,

1)    Lift heels a little

2)    A forward-bent posture and rest your elbows on the knees

When you sit straight, your rectum is bent with sharp angle.

But if you sit like “the thinker”, your rectum become straight.

Please try “The Thinker” posture.