Bowel habits


Bowel habits can vary from person to person,so I always ask our patients about their bowel movements (frequency, color, syape of stools, hard or  soft or watery stools).


Sometimes they ask me “what is the ideal bowel habits by the way??”


Do you feel that it is regular stools every time?

Don’t you feel unconfortable and/or pain to pass?

Without difficulties, it is not constipation even if a bowel movement is not provided every day.


There is some people who have defecation after every meal, but it is not abnormal if they don’t feel unconfortable like abdominal pain on defecation.


For many people bowel movements are difficult topic to discuss, but please review about your bowel movements, and if you have any trouble  please try for the improvement of lifestyles such as diet and exercise.


by Akiko